'All my life I've spent my money on art, fashion and entertainment.

The rest I just wasted.'

[Elle Decor, circa 1990]



The Reckless Abandon Boutique is a tiny fashion shop tucked away in the back corner of a Brisbane City arcade owned and operated by long time local, and former David Jones shopgirl, Catherine Strange.

It specialise in women's fashion sizes 8 to 24 with a strong focus on intelligent design. The fashion is thoughtfully curated from longstanding, high quality brands that consider the environmental impacts of their processes. A high percentage of garments are made from cool, natural fibres, and most often have some kind of sleeve to cover the arms.

All styles are chosen for their aesthetic drivers: they're beautiful, moody like the ocean, feminine, wondrously dark, intellectually edgy - sometimes iconoclastic - and, of course, they're chosen for their supreme ease of function. You'll rarely find basics here. The Reckless Abandon Boutique is where you come for something wild and wonderous. 

'The ethos of SLOW FASHION is integral in all my decision making..' 

I set out to create a shop that's unassuming, comfortable, and friendly. A place that sells clothing that is uniquely you, that will last for as long as you love it, that actually fits in all the right and all the wrong places. 

* * *