"All my life I've spent my money on art, fashion and entertainment. The rest I just wasted." 

[Elle Decor, circa 1990] 



The Reckless Abandon Boutique is a tiny fashion shop tucked away in the back corner of a Brisbane City arcade.

It specialises in women's fashion sizes 8 to 24 with a strong focus on intelligent design. The fashion is cool, artistic, natural and ethical. Individual pieces are chosen with an overall SLOW FASHION ethos. 

I set out to create a shop that's unassuming, comfortable and friendly. A place that sells clothing that is uniquely you, that will last for as long as you love it, and that actually fits in all the right and all the wrong places.  

* * *

I practice sustainability to the best of my ability. Garments are thoughtfully chosen from fashion houses who's supply chains are either transparent, or who have a class A rating in the latest Ethical Fashion Report published by Baptist World Aid. This means that the guesswork has been done for you.

Garments by smaller labels that don't make the list, or by individual designers, are selected for their merits in SLOW FASHION. Slow fashion is not necessarily characterised by minimalist design; it is not always overtly functional such as, 'One dress/ 3 occasions', and it doesn't insist on only using fabric made from natural fibres.

Slow fashion is intelligent design. It can be maximalist, artistic, esoteric, simple and functional. It does not compel the owner to get rid of it after a season. It's timeless, and in of itself, it's value rather increases over time.