'All my life I've spent my money on art, fashion and entertainment.

The rest I just wasted.'

[Elle Decor, circa 1990]

The Reckless Abandon Boutique is a "hidden gem" tucked away in the back corner of Blocksidge Arcade at 144 Adelaide Street in Brisbane City. The boutique opened in April 2019. 

The Reckless Abandon stocks clothing in sizes 12 - 22. Garments are chosen for their edge, beauty, quality and usefulness. They are thoughtfully curated from longstanding luxury labels that know women's bodies intrinsically. 

Most garments here are made using natural fibres. If a garment is stunning but itchy, it will not make the cut; if the print from a designer scarf doesn't go all the way to the edge, it will not make the cut... Most garments have some form of sleeve to cover the arms while keeping you cool in our hot Australian summer. 

Aesthetic drivers are steeped in art; they're feminine, moody, architectural and iconoclastic. This is where you come to discover the unexpected, for something wild and wonderous. I choose garments that are smart and comfortable, that will give you confidence in the wearing for years to come. 

 'The ethos of SLOW FASHION is integral in all my decision making.. 

'I set out to create a shop that's unassuming, comfortable, and friendly. A place where you can find clothing that is uniquely you. Come in for a visit, take a seat, have a drink and let's chat.'

* * *

'Cate studied fashion design and garment technology while working in department stores, MYER and David Jones. She also worked for iconic Australian fashion label, Metalicus after two terms as a sales stylist and plus size specialist for womenswear powerhouse, Taking Shape. 

Cate advocates slow fashion and has been environmentally conscious for more than two decades. Her pet peeves are superfluous waste, single use plastic, and planned obsolescence in design and manufacture. "The ocean needs protection above all as it's the mother of all life on earth."

As a young person, Cate indulged in design journals and architectural digests that her father had lying around the house. "My Oma was a gifted sewer and couldn't walk past a fabric shop without getting tactile with the textiles.. When my mother first told me that a lot of things started to make sense." 

Cate dabbled in interior and graphic design in the early 90s. By the year 2000 she'd gained a Diploma in Human Resource Management, where she shared the campus at lunch time with fashion students. Cate then started a Bachelor of Education, to be followed a year later by a Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy before taking fashion seriously. She eventually received a Diploma in Design in 2012. Her knowledge of fashion and its elements are extensive, which shows in the overall aesthetic when browsing through her shop.' 

[C. Montgomery]