ORIENTIQUE - Cotton Kaftan

ORIENTIQUE - Cotton Kaftan

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This isn't your ordinary square kaftan. On the body it actually has some shape. Ladies, I have an A-shaped body (hips and bum are larger than belly) and normally I can't wear kaftans because they make me look pregnant, or they just hide any shape I do have. 

This kaftan is shaped deliberately by the patternmaker. It drapes in a way that shows your feminine shape without sticking to you - amazing! The hemline is curved convex, which is so on trend - thank God, and finally! It's a much more flattering hemline for those of us with disproportionately big hips. 

The 4 buttons at the shoulder are functional so you can actually open them up, two or three to turn this garment into a cold shoulder, but still cover your arms - brilliant! 

Who knew a simple kaftan design could have so many features? Someone's thinking. Did I mention there's also pockets? There's pockets!

This is 100% rayon, which is made from tree pulp, a natural cellulose that's machine washable and iron if it needs. This one is fabricated to mimic cotton, but has more durability, take it travelling! It's lightweight, perfect cruise wear, or dress her up with some bling for that resort wear look. 

Fall in love with summer again! 

**Please note the sizing is generous; 20 will fit size 22, 22 will fit a size 24.**